A girl prettier than anyone she knows. Every guy flocks to her, but she acts like no one likes her, when really every guy who has met her falls in love. Zi is like a diamond, the sun, dresses, and sunflowers. She is everything pretty and sweet smelling. Dosen't take well to jokes.
person 1: whoa she was so sweet. did you catch her name?
person 2: no i didnt. i think her name was zi.
person 1: yeah zi fits her.
by zuzuexpress April 21, 2015
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Zi is a very sense of humor like big booty girls
by Bigdaddyzi October 13, 2018
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Big gap in yo teeth head ass
You got a big ass gap zi
by Zjhamaria June 18, 2019
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If you know a Zi, he’s a prick, dick, fuck boy, man slag, doofus etc...

If you fall for a guy you better be prepared because he will say that he “cares” but he really doesn’t.

Zi if you ever see this,

Just know that, alright you may not care or have never cared about me, I’ll always care about you, I’ll always wait for you no matter what.

Lei xx
Someone: “Zi started texting me, again”

Friend: “that dick who always —”
Someone: “yeah him.”
by F__ku March 1, 2020
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An extremely smart guy with a great taste for food, music and video games.
Person 1: You see that guy over there?
Person 2: Yeah, he's so badass he must be a Zied.
by Second-Runner April 1, 2020
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Zis is when everyone in the conversation is so fucked and the conversation has degenerated to such a extent that one person will attempt to string together a bunch of words but only come out with a mumble, ie. "bluergh". Then, a second person will say, "what?" because he/she had no idea what the first person was on about. Then, the first person, in response to the second person's "what?" will then reply "what?" again. A complex sense of confusion and despair is then brought upon the group and the failed conversation.

In Ancient Greek time, the very same thing would happen and the Greek public would all mutter: "Zis", our "what?" nowadays.

So, that is Zis.
Will: ..uh..blurgh.

Fred: What?

Will: What?

Fred: What?

Will: What? ..........

by Will Barsoum April 26, 2006
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ZI is an acronym from the game Cybernations meaning "Zero Infrastructure", in reference to a harsh military defeat in which the defeated nation's infrastructure is completely destroyed. Since national economies in the cyberverse rely on infrastructure, being "ZIed" is the Cyber Nations equivalent of being "knocked into the stone age".
The original ZI was issued to Duke of the alliance Magna by Pres. Alexander Uatu of the Grey Council. This set a president for regime leaders to exit the world stage and begin life anew or be forced to exist as a new nation indefinitely.
by anonymous6912 August 16, 2008
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