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Typ0 (type-oh / type-zero): When a person is not your type and has ZERO chance of ever being with you.
Most people have a type when looking for a mate. Some people dont have such a concrete criteria but know who they wont be with under an circumstances, this is referred to as Typ0 or Type Zero.

Typ0 referring to someone with attributes that you cant look past even just for a quick fuck. To fat, too skinny, too old, too ugly, thin wrists, big head or some other thing about them that leaves them zero chance of getting laid.

"Dude why not just get with that girl? Hit it and forget it!"

"No way man shes a total Typ0, not even if she was the last girl on earth."
by RichardSlinger May 10, 2010
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A polite and cute way of describing diarrhea.

Derived from the term "doody" (aka fecal matter, shit) and used to describe diarrhea while speaking publicly to family, friends or coworkers without the unpleasant language of describing the act of diarrhea.
Sorry I missed out on the office party last night but I had a case of The Doodles.

The Doodles?

Yeah I had the shits but I figured it would be a little nicer to call it The Doodles and save you from hearing me describe my overactive bowel and subsequent shitting problems.
by RichardSlinger March 4, 2011
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When a white guy starts getting drunk and begins to act like a black guy.
The other night Bryce started drinking forties and got inebroated as hell.

He got what?

He got so drunk he started acting like he was black and not a white kid from the suburbs of Vermont.
by RichardSlinger September 15, 2011
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obvious and intentional exaggeration of ones sniping abilities in video games.
I was playin HALO 3 and I got like 8 triple headshots and never died! I pwned everyone! I was totally MLG!

Your sniperbole goes well beyond exaggeration and into big fish territory.
by RichardSlinger September 13, 2010
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PLORN is very simply, plane porn. High quality aerial photography of the newest hottest military aircraft taking to the skies.
Not to be confused with situational pornography that takes place on commercial aircraft involving stewardess or flight attendants, but sexy aerial photography of high performance military aircraft in flight.

Often equated to sexy photo shoots involving high end performance cars in exotic locations, PLORN, is the high performance military aircraft equivalent.
by RichardSlinger August 29, 2011
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When two or more women perform oral sex on one man.
"Oh man the other night my girl was going down on me in the living room and her roommate walked in and was all turned on so i said "Go ahead, join in, its a regular Ding-Dong Sing Along!"
by RichardSlinger April 11, 2010
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When a person who is unhappy brings down someones good mood with a disparaging, smug or negative comment.

To be abruptly blindsided or taken aback by a smug or rude comment.
I was at the office today telling Kelly about my promotion when Doug walked in on the conversation. Instead of congratulating me or anything he just walked up with his black rain cloud hanging over him and proceeded to lord HIS promotion over me and tell me how much more hes getting paid then I am.
I felt like I had gotten Smugged by his negativity.
by RichardSlinger September 3, 2010
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