To have sex with someone you care about in a gentle way
Man, I had passionate sex with my ex I still care about her.
by Fuckmeharderdaddy February 16, 2017
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A term used to describe sexual intercourse in which both the boy and girl( or gay or lesbian according to your preference )are truly and madly in love with each other. Both partners crave for the bodies of each other and keep enjoying sexual pleasure together. This type of sex is accompanied with a lot of kissing, moaning and hugging. The best sex category to achieve an erection or horny feeling.
As soon as they were alone Emily pushed Justin down the bed and gave her mutiple wet French kisses. Justin took her shirt and bra off while Emily continued wrapping her tongue around his. Soon after they stripped each other down Emily pushed her ass down Justin's dick and started riding him, moaning in such erotic sounds. Justin leaned forward and licked her hard nipples while Emily wrapped her arms around his head, hugging tightly and rubbing both their sex organs and hot bodies against each other. Justin lifted his chin up and embraced Emily's warm tongue as both of them continued to drown in lust, being devoured by the pleasure. Both refused to let go of each other and stayed connected as one for the rest of the night. NOW THIS IS WHAT PASSION-SEX IS LIKE.
by HelpfulJack January 6, 2019
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the most amazing sex you'll ever have that goes on for hours and hours!!
man id like to have hot passionate sex with gerard way ..forever and ever and ever!!!
by unicorn April 17, 2005
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