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A type of sexual predator in which a woman entraps a man by using sex and lies until she becomes pregnant. She then uses the child as a tool to extort the man as an indentured financial servant or a means of human welfare.

Since women do not have to be held accountable for these actions, nor is this deemed illegal, the problem of pregnancy predators has been exploited and is increasing at an exponential rate, especially amongst lower class young minority females.
Do not mess around with that girl. She is ghetto as hell and probably a pregnancy predator. She'll just throw pussy at you until you're blue in the face and she's pregnant. Then she'll extort you for the rest of your life. And guess what, this is LEGAL!
by Reasoner July 07, 2009

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The "proper" name (mAnn Coulter) given to right-wing evangalist and media "whore" Ann Coulter. The reference to being a Man(n) is due to the fact that Ann Coulter has an unusually large adam's apple.

Other reasons include Coulter looking like a male transvestite with a blonde wig, and the fact that Ann Coulter has been quoted as saying, "I think women should be armed but should not be allowed to vote".

Also, many call her mAnn Coulter because many republican and conservative men think Ann Coulter is attractive provoking the belief that many conservative and republican men are closet homosexuals which is why they so often make homosexuality such a staunch and definitive political issue.
"Jesus, look at the size of Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple. She is so frickin hot dude."

"Firstly, it's mAnn Coulter. Secondly, you are gay."
by Reasoner August 27, 2006

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A very hot actress who gained popularity from her role as Rogue in all three X-Men movies. She seems to have the real life uncanny ability to get hotter with every film.
Jesus, did you see Anna Paquin in 25th hour? Holy fucking hotness, even her stomach was sexy.
by Reasoner August 15, 2007

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A vice-presidential candidate picked by Republican candidate John McCain solely based on her outward appearance, her extreme fundamentalist Christian madness, and her daughter's huge pregnant tits.
She's hot, but there's no way I'd fuck a psychopathic, moose-eating, God-pimping freak like Sarah Palin.
by Reasoner September 06, 2008

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A saying used by liberals to accentuate the point that Jesus would probably not be a supporter of blood-thirsty killing, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or basic un-Godliness like war and the murdering of civilians.

Considering Jesus was murdered and crucified for his revolutionary beliefs in a time of war and imperialistic arrogance and Jesus' recorded attributes of selfless and righteous behaviors attributed to love and brotherhood, it seems more likely Jesus would not be for any type of political or religious based wars.

Many republicans and conservatives scoff at this saying and begin to utter delusional phrases like, "Jesus would definetely vote Republican" and "Jesus hates Muslims" and "Jesus was a white man".
"Of course Jesus was a liberal. Can you imagine Jesus bashing a black kid's face in with a rock and then hanging him in front of a crowd of smiling white people?"

"No, I guess not."
by Reasoner August 27, 2006

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A derogatory term for White Americans in reference to their smaller than average penis size.
"Look at that fucking stubby. I wish to God those stubby fucks would swim back to Europe."

"Oh shit, these diseased stubbies are spreading the swine flu."

"I can't fuck these stubby pricks anymore. I only do black guys."
by Reasoner July 07, 2009

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A very large and powerful cult.
Catholocism will fuck your mind, boy. And the priests will fuck your ass.
by Reasoner July 07, 2009

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