Mobile Task Force (SCP Foundation combative department, filled with top-tier combatants)
Hey, MTF be lookin' hot today.
by Topranse November 5, 2019
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Short for Mobile Task Force, an essential part of the SCP Foundation tasked with things such as recontaining SCPs.
MTF unit Epsilon-11, designated Nine-Tailed Fox, has entered the facility. All remaining survivors are advised to stay in the evacuation shelter or any other safe area until the unit has secured the facility. We'll start escorting personnel out when the escaped SCPs have been recontained.
by SiggeTJ June 15, 2020
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MTF stands for Male To Female. This term refers to a Woman who either identifies or has transitioned from male to female.
Question: "What gender do you identify as?"
Answer: "I identify as a MTF woman."
by A_little_interested February 10, 2020
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1) Male To Female Transgender / Transsexual.

2) Mobile Task Force For You Special Lil Army Birds Out There.

3) Mother The Fries!
1) Person: *Comes Out Online As Trans, Without Revealing Gender At Birth*

Fan: Are You MTF Trans Or FTM Trans.

2) The MTF Will Secure The Threat.

3) Mother, The Fries! They’re Burning!
by Dick Dyke Duh. July 10, 2019
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Medical Acronym (usually the ER) for Metabolize To Freedom. Meaning letting a drunk or high person sober up till they can walk out.
pt medically clear. dispo after mtf.
by Ratchet, RN July 21, 2010
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More Than Friends. People who are close in nature but are not dating. Also reference fuckbuddies and friends with benefits.
Fred: "Is it just me or are ya'll really close?"
Me: "Yeah but it's nothing serious. We're MTF."
Fred" "MTF??? What the hell?"
Me: "yeah, MTF... you know, more than friends???"
by DrakeVanBuren November 3, 2010
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