13 definitions by Raymond

my fucking roommate, stephanie, is a carpetmuncher. i caught her with her great grandmother
by Raymond January 11, 2004
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Webhost --- Free --- Awesome --- need I say more?
Can I have webhosting Flare
by Raymond December 1, 2003
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The typical owner of a Stedman's V&S store. Usually mumbles and pressures you into buying cheap and unwanted shitty products. Has unsightly hair loss problem and thick plastic glasses. His best friend/lover is Raymond, the guy that works the front end of Beckers. Resides in the town of Southampton, Ontario.
Hey, ya want some stickers? we got some new choca bars, some new CD's, we got that Britney Spears, ah yayaya, we got some board games u kno, some wal mart clothes."
by Raymond February 4, 2004
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Any refrence to a gun
Homeboi just copped dem new hammers

i clap da hammers
by Raymond April 17, 2004
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the movement of the feet and heads to tell people you are from crips and to represent your hood.
westside connection and snoop dogg does the crip walk to tell where they from they may not be from it now but they use to be.
by Raymond April 21, 2003
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