Slang word for "criminal" used back in the 1940s-1950s
by Skel1 July 31, 2003
A "1337 H4x0r" on the XBSB!
Man, Skel is 1337!
by take a guess skel! July 29, 2003
Skel is a term meaning "Cool", "Pimp", "Awesome". It derives from Scituate, MA from a bunch of bored teenagers who are sick of trying to be wiggers and say "That's so PIMP!"
"Damn, your rims are so skel!"
by Belly and Ebomb August 9, 2004
hii !! I love my boyfriend Skel. Skel is beautiful, kind and very funny, he always me laugh and smile and when I think of him I feel a shiver in my heart,,,

each of his messages is a gift, I always smile every time I read them. I have known him for about a short time but I swear to you he is my favorite person. Skel is my yellow, the person the person I would give red roses to and kiss while lying on a blanket in a garden.

I love u Skel, i love ur eyes, ur smile, ur braces, ur hair… i love all of you 💌
my love is Skel , I wanna kiss him .
by braz3nn November 21, 2021
A bottom-feeder, parasite, low-life con-artist type. They are usually found looking to cheat/beg others out of small amounts of money, or freeloading. May also be a drug addict, alcoholic, homeless, dirty, or a criminal, but not necessarily.

Often heard being used by old school New Yorkers.
Shit, there goes that f*ckin' skel, Stucky. Let's cross the street and hope he don't see us.

Back in the day, the Port Authority bus terminal used to be full of skels.
by Kato Kaelin January 16, 2009
A street person, homeless or bum, especially a beggar or revolting vagrant. From the Dutch "skelder", to cheat. Usage more common on the East Coast.
Some fuckin' skel shit on my front stoop! Buncha fuckin' savages!
by Dr. Badwrench June 18, 2007
Short for skeleton . Used by the N.Y.P.D.
to describe Crack users who generally lose weight and resemble skeletons. It has come to be used to describe all criminals.
What skel's robbed this house, or what skel stole this car.
by Mike Anisman October 7, 2004