A beautiful girl was born on August 24. She is a loyal great and amazing person. She will keep all your secrets safe and you will keep hers safe. If you have a friend/best friend born on August 24 keep them if not find one!!!!! She will be by your side through the best times and through the worst times. All I have to say is that she’s a keeper!
Person one: how old are you?
Person two: I am 15 I will turn 16 on August 24
Person one: omg we need to be friends
by Lilfreezey November 6, 2019
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Cutie Birthday Day!

Anyone who's born on this date holds the title of being ultra cute. especially people who's name's start with the letter "S"

("Was this directed towards a specific person?" you might ask.

Yes. Yes it was.)
Dude 1: Hey man it's august 24th! you know what that means...

Dude 2: no I really don't. what are you talking about?

Dude 1: Search it up
by fretzeishmower October 15, 2019
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A Sexy Fucking Mother Fucker is born
Person 1: Whens You're Birthday?

Person 2: August 24. Why?

Person 1: Happy birthday Sexy Motherfucker
by Big_Chungus8249 November 13, 2019
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The best day ever!!!

Anyone born on this day is the coolest and the best!!!!!!
Lame person: omg it’s August 24

Coolest person: yeah it’s my bday that’s why I’m so cool.
by Layla leeeeeeeeee October 26, 2019
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National Kobe Bryant day. The day that we honor Kobe and his numbers: 8 and 24
"Bro what are you doing on August 24?"
"It's National Kobe Bryant day, we watchin' his highlights all day baby."
by ktcohen January 27, 2020
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You the most funniest and dumbest person ever, you will be the class clown
Wow they are really funny they must be born on august 24
by Papichulo10169 November 3, 2019
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Kobe Bryant day. On this day every year people will celebrate the life of Kobe. He was one of the greatest basketball players ever
Guess what today is

Guy 2:

It Kobe day, that’s why I’m wear the basketball jersey, it’s August 24
Guy 2:

by NzCoCoPoPs January 28, 2020
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