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Mythical bird-man goblins from the mountains of Japan. They have feathered wings on their backs, and either beaks or very long, phallic noses on their faces. They can shapeshift fully into a bird or a human to play tricks on people, or escape from danger. They dress like yamabushi, with pom-pomed sashes and small black wooden skullcaps. They often carry shakujou or magical fans made of feathers.

Tengu are credited with both exceptional skill with a sword and a wicked sense of humor, and in numerous folktales they are portrayed as mischievous, curious, rowdy, and rather gullible. The tengu king Soujoubou is said to have trained the famous warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune, and many ukiyo-e prints show the young Yoshitsune sparring with Soujoubou's bird-billed subjects.
The tengu mask on the wall at the sushi place has a nose you could dry laundry on.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
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A Japanese demon with a long, red nose. Said to live in mountains and have a bad attitude. Tengu are also supposedly able to fly.
Our mailman Robert was a tengu for Halloween last year....kinda wierd, since he's 42 years old and still watches Sailor Moon. But what's even wierder is the fact he got more candy than my little cousins.....
by Shawn B. April 28, 2003
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A person with excellent fighting skills, excellent showmanship or other awesome character traits.

A verb used to describe someone getting attacked in a entertaining or awesome manner.
1. You should see Morgannus fight, he is a tengu.

2. Man Jimmy, you really tengu'd him good when you bashed him in the face with a rock.
by DesPERRYado November 01, 2004
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Thank-you, but in a weird somewhat racist asian voice.
Waiter: Enjoy your meals
Person 1: Thank You
Person 2: Tengu
Waiter: *weird look*
by fcknbobfrank January 30, 2015
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