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Kerry is the name of a woman she has a huge heart and can be moody at times like all people named Kerry she has her problems but strives to overcome. A Kerry is a loyal trusting sort, she has huge titties and every man wants her and wants to ruffle their taters against her dirt box.
"Guy: Who's that awesome chick ?"
"Girl: That's Kerry why ?"
"Guy: She makes me wanna take old one eye to the optometrist"
by Randybobany January 30, 2017

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When observed in their nateral habitat the Lawerence is found to lack skills that would be found in otherwise normal subjects. The Lawerence pretends to be tough and worldly but the study of the Lawerence shows his attatchment to parental units and siblings, unable to "Adult" like normal subjects the Lawerence has low self worth and is codependent on others.
"play a game called keep the flame, this game insists of shoving a lit candle up the anus and pulling it out again with the flame still alive, to do this u have to have a loose asshole"

"Sounds like a game for Lawerence "
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by Randybobany January 28, 2017

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A pussy who fucks with taken women and can't be a man about it!
Mitches usually have bad teeth low IQ and are attracted to the mentally ill.
"Don't be a Mitch."
"You all are a bunch of Mitches!"
by Randybobany January 28, 2017

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A Jordan is a name of a person usually a male but can be a female's name. The male Jordon is mostly known for their ignorance and a profound lack of mental quickness, Jordans tend to engage in multiple relationships with emotionally and mentally unstable women who are usually taken. Jordans will cheat on their partners with taken women on the internet, show their tiny dicks to any women that will give them the time of day.
"Girl 1: He said I was his drug and he was addicted to me"
"Girl 2 : He uses corny sayings to get women he's a total Jordan"
by Randybobany January 30, 2017

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A Derek is the name of a male person, dereks are the type of guys that have secretive sexualized flings both online and in real life. Dereks will pretend to stay friends with their mentally ill ex girlfriends so they can get some ass or something to jack off to when their actual relationships stagnate or become unstable. When you meet a Derek you will know it, they will lie and pretend to be well adjusted people but a smart person can see through a Dereks lies.
"Derek: Ruth I miss you and I still love you, my girlfriend left me again"
"Ruth: Derek I am with someone"
"Derek: Remeber the sex we used to have"
"Ruth: Yeah my husband is much better"
by Randybobany January 30, 2017

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A Ryan is the name of a person that is of the male gender. Ryans are well known for their bizarre views of how people live, Ryans typically have a hard time leaving their parental units due to codependency issues created at a young age. Ryans hold the highest percentage in relation to living at home until their thirties, they tend to be controlling and abusive to their partners and suffer from a serious inability to communicate in a manner becoming of an adjusted person. There is a disturbing side to Ryans being that they hold some strange fetishes sexually, Ryans tend to be in favor of wearing pantyhose and of thongs of both gender designations. They favor anal play by use of objects consisting of both food and sex toy's, Ryans will manipulate and distort to get what they want.
"Girl 1: Hey I just met this guy"
"Girl 2: Oh what's he like ? "
"Girl 1: he likes anal and wears my thongs"
"Girl 2: wow sounds like a carrot top flamer"
"girl 1: speaking of carrots you need shit to grow em...and Ryan loves a carrot in his mud slide"
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by Randybobany January 30, 2017

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Someone who stops being your friend suddenly for no reason. The person doesn't have to be an actual amanda to be called an amanda.
Dude: are you and amy not friends anymore?

Girl: I guess not she just started acting like an amanda suddenly

Dude: damn that's the worst

Girl: yeah but I guess I'll miss her more than she misses me
by Randybobany October 03, 2020

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