5 definitions by Ranchcarpets

When it is raining and people cannot fucking drive to save their lives!!!
Oh great it raining and what does that mean people get rain brain behind the wheel and can’t drive worth a shit!!
by Ranchcarpets May 22, 2020
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Unidentified Lung infection .... when one can’t breath due to an infection caused by some type of illness.
Damn that cough sounds horrible sounds like you have Fuckalukus of the Lung !!
by Ranchcarpets March 19, 2020
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I suffer from ffsps when I try and text ….
by Ranchcarpets December 24, 2021
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Farting and Using your hand as a cup you sneak up on someone and release the smell into their face!!
Did you see Dave shit cup Johnny he couldn't take the smell he almost threw up and passed out!!!
by Ranchcarpets February 21, 2017
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