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Japanese word "banzai" means "10000 years" that is exactly same menaing with "Long live the king!" or "Long live".
"Ban" means "10000". "Zai" means "years".
Banzai, I won $10 million!
President, banzai!
by ramunenakayama November 04, 2007

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Nihon and Nippon both means Japan.
Nihon and Nippon are both Japanese ways of pronunciations to read Chinese letters indicate Japan.

I consider that the sound of "Japan" for Nihon derived from Chinese way of reading of Nihon. In Chinese they pronounce Zuban. In ancient world, Nihon changed to Japan on the long way to English speaking world.
Nihon and Nippon are both meaning JAPAN.
by ramunenakayama December 20, 2007

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Japanese food. Grilled noodle.
Let's eat Japanese Yakisoba.
I cook Yakisoba at a party.
by Ramunenakayama November 28, 2007

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1. A Japanese food. Cooked in a pot with sliced meats and various vegetables. Mostly several people eat together like fondue while cooking or heating.
2. An old Japense popular song in 1960s. The music became world wide popular and became one of the standards. The name "sukiyaki" is nothing to do with food but at the time used as a symbol of Japanese.
We love sukiyaki in winter time.
It's cold today, which food shall we cook, sukiyaki or fondue?
by Ramunenakayama November 27, 2007

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Both in Japanese and Chinese, ai means Love.
Pronouce as "I".

In English, people may be calling oneself "Love" by saying I (ai). Let's return to Christian spirit.

I(ai) love you, may mean Love loves you.
by ramunenakayama December 02, 2007

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Japanese word "Divine wind".
In Japanese history, Japan had only a few crises to be invaded by foreign forces, twice by Mongolians and once by the USA.
When the Mongolian empire was at peak, Fubirai Kahn, a grandchild of Genghis Kahn, attempted to conquer Japan in 1274 and 1281 with massive forces. In both occasions, divine force, perhaps typhoon, destroyed Mongolian forces at sea. Since then, there was a belief that Japan was protected by divine force.
During the World War II, when Japan was loosing, Japanese air force adapted desparite suicidal attacks and named kamikaze after the divine wind.
Kamikaze was a crazy strategy.
At the time, Kamikaze was like guided missiles, and feared by American soldiers.
by Ramunenakayama November 27, 2007

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Acupuncture is an oriental medicine that has been helping people maintaining their health for centuries in Asian countries including Japan.
To practice acupuncture, acupuncturists use fine needles and to stimulated several key points in the body that is called “tsubo” in Japanese. These points (tsubos) were found from hundreds and hundreds of years practices and experiences. Different point (tsubo) stimulations and their combinations have different effects.

Our body has natural gift or developed since origin of life and in the middle of evolution to maintain our body to survive as possible.
It is known that homeostasis mechanisms that try to keep our body balanced and consistent. One result might be, immune systems might have evolved in animals to defend our body against pathogens.
We also know that there are massive networks of nerve system in our body. In addition, we know brain, which is still unknown field, is central in human nerve system.
These fields are under intensive scientific researches and we know and accumulated massive knowledge in last a few centuries. Although we know a lot about homeostasis, immune systems, and nerve systems, but we do not know more than we know. In another word, we do NOT know entirely at all and that's why we are now continuously discovering and exploring the nature in our body and our universe.

One important “goal in medicine is cure people”.
Acupuncture works well with certain diseases. In acupuncture, stimulations in several points (tsubos) in several body parts that coordinate and lead our bodies try to keep balanced and stimulate our homeostatic capabilities. However,the mechanisms of acupuncture are not fully understood yet.

In addition, from my own experiences as a patient, and a descendent of historically famous Japanese acupuncturists family known as “Kiyamachi no Hari” in Kyoto and my family members are practicing acupuncture and modern medicine, as well as myself is a medical scientist in the field of molecular biology and immunology, I can say acupuncture works well with several diseases. However, acupuncture is not almighty at all (so as modern medicine) I think it is wise to take advantage of what could be good for people’s health rather than simply DENY..
I believe it is also important to perform researches to find out mechanisms what is behind in acupuncture with the modern sciences that is still lacking or very limited at the moment..
Acupuncture works well to certain diseases.

by ramunenakayama January 06, 2008

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