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Zai is a person who is very lovable, kind and caring. People like him are rare and we sure as heck need more people like him! Attractive both on the inside and out. Good listener and will never leave a friend behind. God bless Zai.
I wish i was like him, he is such a Zai.
by Heckerheck July 29, 2017
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Someone who's able to overcome odd and impossiable tasks. Great listener and problem solver. This person is rather shy when it comes to girls they love or like.
Bill: your so zai dude
by clickmehere April 07, 2009
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A word sarcastically used to describe an individual who overcomes the odds or a seemingly impossible task.
Jason: Ehh. I'm the world's number 4 starcraft player in Singapore.

WhiteJack: Woah!!! zai sia....
BlackJack: Damn Zai....

Jason: I know. Smiles to himself
by the white jack March 06, 2008
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a formerly great company that manages structured products. they now outsource work and shit on employees with the best ideas. they are unlikely to survive the post financial crisis era.
my returns this year were great; i massively outperformed zais.
by east coast underpants gnome January 19, 2012
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A term used for marijuana, whether you want to smoke or want to know if someone has weed.
Kyle: Yo whats up man?
Ronnie: Nothin much just smoked a spliff and a bong load... I'm so Zai'd


Chris: Yo what're you doin after school?
Austin: I don't know man... Wanna Zai?


Beau: Wanna smoke after school today?
Corey: I can't bro, don't have any zai man
by Ronkong October 10, 2010
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zai is a puerto rican girl with a good tight pu$$y and a fine girl that will stay cute for the rest of her life...
zai pu$$sy was good last night...
by jdnskam, November 30, 2016
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