Banzai is a Japanese word almost same meaning with English word "Long live the king!!".
Direct translation is "10000 years!". Thus, it can be applied not only to emperors but to anybody anything.

The word was invented about a hundred years ago in the period of Meiji emperor era, the era when Japan opened to the world and rapidly modernized and defeated China and Russia at wars.
Ever since the word is commonly used by Japanese peopele when some good fortune occured to them in private life to official matters. Nowadays the word is nothing to do with emperors.

To Americans, banzai became familiar with the scenes of Japanese soldiers shouting when they won battles or when they committed suicidal and kamikaze attakcs. As old Japanese society never allowed Japanese to surrender, they had no choices but die, and the last moment they shout "banzai".
When somebody marry, people would shout "Banzai".
When accepted by a great University, a student would say "Banzai".
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Japanese word "banzai" means "10000 years" that is exactly same menaing with "Long live the king!" or "Long live".
"Ban" means "10000". "Zai" means "years".
Banzai, I won $10 million!
President, banzai!
by ramunenakayama November 04, 2007
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You idiots. I am a Japanese. Only showing wrong definition in urbain dictionary by idiot American's discription.

Banzai means in Japanese 10000 years that means Long live the King.
Banzai, they acepted my idea.
by ramunenakayama November 08, 2007
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1. A suicidal call, or simply a battlecry of Japanese origin.

2. A moderately funny TV show on Channel 4 UK TV. Uses sounds and music from the famous Bruce Lee film, Enter The Dragon.
1. There's an SAS squad. Banzai!!!


Mister Cheeky Chappy very happy!
by Comrade Dmitri March 05, 2004
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When you're getting a blowjob from some girl, and you tell her you feel like you finished. Then she gets confused, takes it out, and scream "BANZAI!" in her face and explode in her eye.
Girl: What do you mean you---

by inthelifeofnorris October 27, 2008
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When Japan entered World War II, the KamiKaze pilots and foot soldiers were told to scream BANZAI!!! just before their deaths as a salute to the emporer.

In reality, very few people did this, and just screamed for their mother, the same as all soldiers did.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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An awesome Japanese show on FOX that features such great events as squirrel fishing, baby racing, and the Shake Hands man.
by dammit May 30, 2004
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