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A nitromethane powered hobby level R/C monster truck designed by the Traxxas company. It is 1/10 scale, and has an enourmous aftermarket parts selection available.

The new Tmaxx 3.3 has a top speed of over 40 miles per hour, which is very fast for an R/C monster truck.
Jimmy Chimo just got a Traxxas TMaxx and he is going to run it this weekend at the BMX track
by Moonbratu April 26, 2006
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The best R/C 4X4 you can buy,traxxas are the the muts nuts
2.5 hp 40mph 1" travel and all the hopup you can afford
by DEAN G June 29, 2004
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A bad ass radio control truck made by Traxxas
George: Look at that piece of shit savage get own3d by that 2 year old driving that T-maxx

Frank :WOW that truck is crap

George:That truck sucks major ass

Melvin: Stop it I love my Savage
by unknown2.5 December 20, 2003
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A 1/10 scale, radio controlled, nitro powered, four wheel drive monster truck.
Dude, what motor you running in your T-Maxx?
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
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an r/c truck whoes sole purpose in life is to be dropped from a helicopter from 200 feet up, and watching it splatter into thousands of pieces. savages own all.
whoa, that one blew up real good.

yalp, tmaxx sux.
by Reed April 23, 2004
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