The best and most badass Mortal Kombat character there ever was and ever will be! Real name: Hanzo Hasashi, Grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu klan.

Amazing backstory and super cool gameplay! He was a wraith, which is an undead warrior, who served Quan Chi. He wanted revenge on Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei because Scorpion thought that he killed his klan and family. He eventually did kill him and then later in the timeline after he became human again found out Quan Chi killed his family and klan. He got revenge by killing him and still remains one of the best video game characters ever !
Wow, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is so fun to play as and his story is awesome!
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The Scorpion is a devious act that involves sneaking up behind an unsuspecting victim. You will then place your arm under the crotch region and lift! Due to shock, the victim will then jump into the air resembling a scorpions tale. This is most commonly performed at all-boys schools.
I just gave dunham the best scorpion!
Man i love giving scorpions (no homo).
by Brother Kostka January 19, 2021
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The greatest and most awesome Mortal Kombatant of all time. The true champion of the Elder gods.
"I'm about to go Scorpion on you!"
by CzarPharohShahanShahGodEmperor October 25, 2017
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Stimlulating the g-spot from behind whilst inserting your thumb into the anus.
Gary '' Victoria let me Scorpion her yesterday and she fucking loved it. ''
Jeremy '' Did you smell your thumb? ''
Gary '' who wouldn't. ''
by FishMonster July 8, 2011
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When a woman sticks her pinky nail up a guy's asshole during sex to both shock and stimulate his prostate. Some keep the nail sharpened for greater pain effect.
Dude 1: You got suzie home last night what happened
Dude 2: I was plowing her and then outta nowhere she scorpion'd me
Dude 1: Then what?
Dude 2: I punched her in the face
by joeybuttafuqua September 10, 2009
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One of the coolest badass characters in videogames. Scorpion is a yellow garbed ninja from Mortal Kombat who possesses the ability to shoot kunai spears from his hand and drag opponents to him.

Famous for his "GET OVER HERE!" command in the first MK game. Added "C'MERE" and "GET OVER HERE BITCH" and the rarely heard "GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!" All voiced by Ed Boon.
Scorpion spears Liu Kang "GET OVER HERE"
kang is dragged backwards.
Scorpion hits him with a second spear "C'MERE"
by RayzorSharp October 19, 2007
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A prank to play on an unsuspecting male friend. When they least expect it, you silently approach them from behind, and thrust your entire arm through their legs and reach up towards their face, thus cradling their junk with your bicep. At the same time, you must yell "Scorpion!", and watch as they freak out.
I gave Josh the Scorpion, and he totally wigged out and jumped 3 feet in the air.
by bbf July 2, 2007
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