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‘Pussy’ Pounds (£P) – The term coined by Jimbinho, referring to money allocated for ‘treating the bird’ on nights out.
A typical phrase may be: - ‘sorry lads, I can’t come to the pub tonight because I have only got 'Pussy Pounds (£P)' left for the rest of the month.’
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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OOTG (pronounced 'Double 'O' TeeGee') Out Of The Game - Term given to person who crumbles beyond recovery after indulging in mass consumption of alcohol, drugs etc (usually directly ensuing the DTD phase.)
Mate, I thought Sebinho would be BITG after eating that recovery burger, but it looks like he is totally OOTG this time - let's take him home before we lose him!
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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Reference given to a ‘bird’ that is super inactive in the boudoir (bedroom).

Plural: Morgladii
We are talking about a sexual encounter on par with shagging a ‘stiff’ – hence the term "Morgladite".
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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B.I.T.G – ‘Back In The Game’ – The immediate recovery of a person after going DTD, prompted by the consumption of some fast food!
Mate, Aldo is 'BITG' after that dirty burger! ("where's my pint" or "pass the bifta")
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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‘Slide ‘n’ Glide’ – descriptive term given to the sexual move where the female’s underwear is slid to the side and the "Moby"(my slang for penis, Moby Dick) is inserted into the 'jack and danny', without actually taking off the panties.
Particularly useful at picnics, cinema trips and other such outings..

'Bob' and 'Jane' were having a smashing time at the park, eating their peanut butter sarnies, when Bob thought.. "hey, I reckon I can see a "slidenglide" opportunity here" - and i'm gonna "go for gold"...

"Jane darling, would you like to try this sausage?!"
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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DTD – ‘Down Town Direct’

When you overstep your limits on a night of drinking alcohol or smoking pot and are likely to "yak" or "whitie" respectively if you don’t receive any recovery food within 5-10 mins...
Dude! look at Dave man! I reckon he is going DTD if we don't sort him out with a MaccyD's pronto!
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
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