DTD stands for Down-to-Date, and is essentially the opposite of women who are Down-To-Fuck. With women who are down to fuck, very direct moves usually work without any resistance, and controversial statements and claims made by men are usually accepted by the woman who is eager to get stabbed up by the meat spear. Most men make the mistake of assuming their skills are top notch with women for succeeding with low resistance DTF girls, then suddenly fail with all of the DTD women. With women who are Down-to-Date, they are looking for an emotional connection first and foremost, rather than just a sexual one. In almost all cases, the best strategy is moving slowly and allowing a woman to fall in love with a man between the first and second dates or between the second and third dates in her own mind.
Guy 1: Dude, I told that girl on the date last night about my previous relationships and she got all weirded out. What the fuck man?
Guy 2: You've got it all wrong. She was DTD! Do not bring up relationships because she doesn't want to be compared to other women and she didn't want to imagine you being with other broads. If she was DTF she might be impressed by your sexual experience and prowess, but keep the topics light and fun with DTD damsels.
by Eric Kazinsky November 25, 2015
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According to Jhené Aiko, DTD stands for “Drop them Draws
Sam: “OMG he is so cute”

Jhenè: “ he gon make me DTD 😍”
by Hdftjvftv joggers January 18, 2020
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Down to Drink
I was dtd last night but no one wanted to join me.

Everyone was dtd so we went to the store and bought some booze.
by luckyzm October 21, 2010
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Down Team is Down. This itself is an abbreviation of the phrase "A team that will go down, will go down." Originated from an infamous quote made by a Korean baseball manager.
The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets are prime examples of DTD in baseball.

Oh look, the Red Sox are DTDing again.
by mydoctor93 March 1, 2012
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an acronym meaning "dicked to death"
dying due to being dicked down (having sex)

code word for a slut, whore, etc.
girl- "im gonna die of peter"
boy- "shes gonna be dicked to death"

a slutty girl walks by..
boy- "caution: DTD!"
by BrittBranChels July 9, 2009
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DTD stands for 'Down The Drain' and is the antonym of FTW.
Person 1: People at uni suck
Person 2: I agree man, uni peeps DTD
by tralfamadore May 20, 2012
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