going for something higher than your usual low standards
my bro likes hookers, but today he is gunna go for gold and pick up a drunk chick at the baar
by joewithhelpfromnicole December 13, 2010
Australian. Sarcastic encouragement to someone to go ahead and do whatever someone was thinking of doing, or whatever you're too wasted to do.
A: 'I'm going for a run. Do you want to come?'
B: 'You go for gold. I'm going to lie here on the couch.'
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
To feel another up (or and then some) or the encouragement to do so.

Could also be encouragement or the act of achieving aspirations or merits.
To achieve high reaches.
Ok, I'm going to take this test. I'm so nervous man.
"Go for gold dude." You got this.

I saw you 'fall' on Jane. You "go for gold?"
Yeah, but she slapped me hard. Worth it.
by DAFFY McDuck July 28, 2011
A phrase commonly used when smoking cannabis out of an epic bong. When the smoker wants to achieve their ultimate high, they take the biggest hit possible that the bong will allow.
"Alright guys, I'm doing it. I'm going for gold."


...."I'M DYING."
by TheMistress September 7, 2009
A session of sexual intercourse where one or both parties are performing flat out.
Last night I was going for gold with that chick I hooked up with the other night.
by johnnylongprong January 10, 2012
"When a game is ready to finally go to the replicators and get printed onto millions of disks — that is when the game has gone gold. That is, we have gold master disks ready to send off to replication. For consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3, going gold means we’ve passed certification and Microsoft/Sony has sent the gold master disk to the replicators." -Bethesda Softworks, makers of Oblivion and Fallout 3
We anticipate Duke Nukem Forever will be going gold two or three weeks after the final trump during the Biblical Apocalypse. We do not expect DNF to have an ESRB rating since all of the reviewers will have been raptured up to heaven by then.
by Karl "the Pagan" March 2, 2009
To go gold is, for a piece of software, to be declared as ready or become ready for release to its intended users.
The bleeding edge photo editing program we've been hearing about lately is not to go gold for next 3 weeks.
by aniline July 8, 2006