One of the Greats - an individual that possesses a distinguishing feature or has committed a defining act, either of which is deserving of accolades.

One cannot anoint themselves OOTG, it is an honour bestowed upon them by peers.
Scott: "Man, you were a bigger hit than the Beatles on Saturday night!"
Mark: "Of course - I'm OOTG and don't you forget it!"

David: "Wow, check out the nose on that broad!"
James: "OOTG rhinoplasty fuck ups."
by g00chy July 22, 2009
OOTG (pronounced 'Double 'O' TeeGee') Out Of The Game - Term given to person who crumbles beyond recovery after indulging in mass consumption of alcohol, drugs etc (usually directly ensuing the DTD phase.)
Mate, I thought Sebinho would be BITG after eating that recovery burger, but it looks like he is totally OOTG this time - let's take him home before we lose him!
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008
*snapchats picture of outfit* "OOTG 🌈😆"
by AppleFanatic77 August 10, 2015