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Politically liberal or left-leaning person who routinely downplays injustices against women and other marginalized groups in favor of some cause they deem more important.
He's just a brogressive. He says he wants equality and liberation for all, but he makes rape jokes and accuses women of making false sexual assault claims all the time.
by lostgrrrls January 05, 2011
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Brogressive. n. A person who holds progressive viewpoints on changes that benefit themselves, and horribly regressive views on issues which do not affect them.
Person: Did you hear about the guy who got 10 years in jail for torrenting?

Brogressive: It's bullshit how hard the government is on these victimless crimes.

Person: I find it offensive how you called that kid a faggot for wearing green shoes.

Brogressive: It's just a joke, like on top gear. Calm down and quit being so hostile.
by Jadecoloredgoggles January 08, 2012
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A pejorative used to describe a male who agrees with some but not all of the points of someone else's particular version of feminism.
"He said that the 80% gender pay gap might not apply as readily to certain professions or certain metro areas. Obviously he wouldn't make a point of bringing that up unless he's a brogressive."
by Sam Cooksmith May 19, 2016
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Typically used in reference to straight, cisgender, white, privileged men who self identify as progressive. Brogressives will likely never by affected by discrimination and often make insensitive jokes and write them off as not being true to their beliefs.

Brogressives love to talk about how wrong inequalities are but will never bother to do anything about it. In many cases brogressives are fuckboys that pay serves to their morals by discussing progressive ideas. They also live to act as if they know more about about any topic relating to politics or inequalities than anyone else in the room.
Less Brogressives are being elected as women and people of color started running for office more.
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by FuckDT June 29, 2018
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An upper-class straight white cisgender male who would be a Republican if Republicans didn't hate him for being an atheist. Bill Maher.
The brogressives are shaming the left again for not catering to their personal whims and fancies.
by Valerie Morghulis February 18, 2017
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