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The first, and greatest, 151 Pokémon.
I got all Original 151 Pokémon in my yellow game! Time to lose my virginity!
by Pogoextreme June 25, 2018
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A term people that play Pokémon Go use for when they go shiny hunting, usually late at night where they won’t be judged for being absolute virgins.
Andy: hey did you wanna go shunting tonight? I can pick you up from Luxy’s at midnight.

Simon: can you make it 1am? I don’t want to bump into anyone I know.

Andy: sure. Let’s not invite Kieran.
by Pogoextreme November 13, 2019
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When someone discusses an amazing game around you, giving you the urge to play said game
Pete: Oh I always play as Male Shepard in Mass effect. So I can bone Tali.

Sam: aw shit. Now I’ve got the Mass Effect effect.
by Pogoextreme June 13, 2018
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A phrase people say just before admitting to something.
Simon: Mustard Mitt, Andy looks good today.
by Pogoextreme October 21, 2020
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A combination of the words “porn” and “latte” used to describe the most depraved and explicit latte art.

The baristas are usually trained in secret caves deep within the Lickey Hills.
Andy: Yo Kieran, Simon and I just had ace poratte. It was a guy with three wangs giving it to a hot Malay chick!

Kieran: Was that from Emma? She makes the best poratte.
by Pogoextreme July 4, 2018
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According to some reports in 2018, and possibly earlier, women were told by an Etsy seller that to "restore the elasticity of the uterine wall" one must insert ground up wasp nest material into the vagina. Which, most sane people know, is absolutely batsh*t insane.
Kirsty laughed at the idea of a vagina nest outloud but internally was questioning whether there was any scientific evidence behind it.
by Pogoextreme July 5, 2022
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Female dolphins have vaginal secretions that male male dolphins cum repeatedly. Scientists decided to try if it strictly affected only dolphins so took some Dolphin Pussy Jelly and smeared it on a male primates penis. Oh, boy. It worked. It worked so well the primate had a heart attack.

While this is a popular copy pasta it’s also been a popular “joke” human males have made about wanting to die this way.
Andy; I’m so sick of this, I’m so close to getting my hands on some Dolphin Pussy Jelly and ending it

Simon: wait is that true?

Andy: please, Google dolphins pussy jelly. And make sure you don’t forget the word “jelly”
by Pogoextreme July 14, 2021
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