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To have rough sex with a girl.
Devonte: Shanika looking fine in them sweats
Jerome: Boy, I would tear that ass up!
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by Pizzlej April 18, 2020

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An exclamative warning given to neglect or avoid a certain African-American.
Jermaine: I got to pay Leroy this money back
Marquis: Yo fuck that nigger!
by Pizzlej March 25, 2019

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Reference to a parent who failed to raise a child near their potential.
Marquis: Jerome ran out of gas and the cops caught his ass after he robbed that liquor store.
Lashonda: That boy mama done raised a fool!
by Pizzlej January 20, 2019

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A common preface used to demand someone depart from your presence.
getch Yo' Nappy..... ass out of my face, fo' I whoop yo ass
by Pizzlej March 18, 2019

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Black for, "Call the Police"
He finna steal my car. Somebody Caw da PO-lice !
by Pizzlej April 24, 2018

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A formal declaration that what you are about to speak is plainly the truth. Although sometimes used deviously as a preamble to an actual lie.
i aint gonna lie , Tyrese got hops but he can't dunk on no 10ft rim.
by Pizzlej March 05, 2019

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slang for, "I am going to"
best not fuck around or ima whoop yo ass
by Pizzlej August 05, 2020

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