How people who speak ebonics state the word "library". Apparently, they don't know how to pronounce an "R"...hmm...

Don't you learn that when you're about 3?
"I gots ta go to da libary"
by brym June 23, 2003
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Apparently, it's fine to say February as "Febuary" and surprise as "suprise," but when you say library as "libary," you're apparently an idiot!?!?! The process of dropping one of the rs in all three of these words is called dissimilation. I guess having two r sounds in one word is weird, so we sometimes change it. It's kinda like how Spanish speakers call a tree an "árbol" even though it's from the Latin word "arborem." Even the pretentious, judgy assholes at the Real Academia Española regard árbol as correct. Why are "febuary," "suprise," and "árbol" okay but "libary" isn't?
Annoying Idiot: Umm... actually, it's libRary not libary. Now excuse me while I go plan a suprise party for the coronel (colonel). His birthday is Febuary 7th.
by Paul Jack Ryan November 15, 2018
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