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That moment the sun comes out of the clouds and you feel a sudden happiness
The sun kiss gave me the inspiration to carry me through that bastard day
by Pincetti March 27, 2022
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Yokel went to swallow a bullet when his finance check bounced.
by Pincetti July 22, 2020
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A condition endemic to millenial and similar generations, in which a large proportion of BRAIN activity is given over to devising, framing, or referencing MEMES, generally for the reflexive sake of the funnies, but not at all useful to most interpretations of spiritual or personal growth, let alone GDP.

Nonetheless, the memeconomy still relies on this steady churning of spewage, which, in a sense, like the mythical 'Pacific Garbage Patch', and very much like the current global economy, floats upon a fetid urinal cake in order to buoy its unsustainable industry - that is, the consumption of 'dank' memes relies upon people's desire for memes and their own participation in it, and within the general system of alienation which allows the memeconomy to subsist so ironically (meaning, in classic meme sentiment, memes treat but never cure depression - though some memeologists are working on memes so dank they can provisionally counteract depression - it remains to be seen).
I lay in my bed, yet again unable to sleep, undergoing a moist spasm of memeitis after I had strange thoughts about a cousin
by Pincetti January 9, 2020
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Party riot ammo, probably from Irish mob violence in the 19th century when they were considered the lowest rung on the ladder, above slaves.
" Damn near killed by a mob of crackers throwin' Irish confetti." (Judas and the Black Messiah, 2021)
by Pincetti June 9, 2021
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Of or relating to people or traits belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, when behaving manically. Typical Gemaniacal behavior is fast, energetic, ADHD-like, whacky, witty, symptomized by the sense of having too much to say and too much going on upstairs. Whacky, eccentric, kooky. Playful, intellectual, and hyper-curious.

Geminis are born between May 20 – June 21, but the Sun sign is not the only thing making someone gemaniacal, since Gemini moons can be much whackier.
This is a Gemaniacal clusterfuck. Why are there jiggsaw puzzles glued to the wall?
by Pincetti August 12, 2021
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An expression which usually comes from a New Age sensibility of having more fortune than others, though stereotypically overused by slightly privileged people who unconsciously attempt to minimalize their privilege by claiming humility in regard to their fortune.

While many people use the term to express actual gratitude for good fortune and the concomitant compassion for the less fortunate, the shallow obverse side of its usage indicates a means to both hide and stabilize a certain type of privilege, generally material but also social.

In the age of instagram frequently occurs with the hashtag, i.e. #blessed
Pina coladas in Acapulco with my beautiful husband! So #blessed

#yolo #mexico #gucci
by Pincetti September 5, 2019
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Unlike pesticide, or homicide or suicide or genocide, egocide is an immaterial but no less serious form of ciding, and happens undercover all the time. There are multiple ways to commit egocide, the most common being (as mentioned by another dictioneerist, jpg3) simply devaluing yourself and having chronic low self-esteem. However, this is a slow process, and - by the way - egocide is not merely a form of suicidal behavior- more egocide is committed against an other ego rather than one's own. This is basically the competitive side of human nature, the meanness and cutthroat behavior which flourishes in toxic environments such as office buildings and rich people's homes. (see sociopathy)

That said, the more radical form of egocide is the one committed by the selfsame ego, which happens in traumatic experiences or abuse of hallucinogenic or psychotropic drugs (psilocybin, lsd, etc), a chemically-induced wiping away of the frail scraps of the ego in the deluge of traumatic experience. Technically the ego can't die, except through Buddhist practice (in which it is simply overcome), but it can be buried underneath the heap of psychic distress which encapsulates the traumatic event.

Egocide is very painful but meditation is a good remedy for its potentially adverse affects.
I've committed egocide so many times I can't even de-cide what to leggo my eggo with anymore
by Pincetti September 9, 2019
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