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To put yourself down. When oneself believes they are worthless and of no value.
Nobody should ever commit egocide.
by jpg3 August 10, 2014
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When your ego dies.

Usually one can only do this after years of meditating and learning about their own ego to eventually attain and maintain enlightenment.

You can also kill your ego by taking large amounts of LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, peyote or DMT....

Although the effects wear off.

Your ego is explained by Buddhism...

Your ego is deeply attached and saturated with your personality and your identity.
Last night I drank some ayahuasca and I felt like I was dying! In actuality it was just my ego dying aka egocide.

Americans need mass egocide. Let's put LSD in the water.
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by Frank Nutz March 11, 2017
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