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1. A cocktail consisting of Pepsi-Cola and gin, similar to a Rum and Coke.

2. A famous icon venerated in the Catholic Church of Central Europe, purported to be the first icon, allegedly painted by St. Luke the Evangelist on the worktable of St. Joseph from life, depicting the Virgin Mary, albeit with a dark complexion.

3. The lesser-known and scandalous working title of an album by American recording artist Madonna, referencing, in entendre, the icon mentioned above, and herself, featuring preliminary artwork photographed by Steven Klein that featured the singer in full blackface in a pose of benediction mimicking that of the said icon. Subsequently scrapped as a title, the album became known as Hard Candy, released in 2008.

4. An unusually attractive woman of African descent, often American, buxom, mysterious, and generous, of whom little is known, but always arrives at just the right time to save the day. A very reliable, ineffable, black woman or woman with a dark complexion.
1. "Aye, Tommy! Make mine a Black Madonna on the rocks, no Virgin, though--save that for Da Vinci! Ha!"

2. "Every time my mom takes us to Poland to visit her family, we make a minor pilgrimage to view the Black Madonna."

3. "I'm not entirely certain the public would receive an album with the title Black Madonna particularly enthusiastically, M. How about you change it?"

4. "Damn. Janelle is, by far, my Black Madonna. This week has been insane, but whenever shit gets rough, she's there, holdin' it down with me."
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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1. A potential romantic and/or sexual interest who quickly reveals him or herself to be too forward and needy. A pursuit that one suddenly realizes one must at once stop pursuing because they have, in turn, become the pursued. Fatal attraction to the extreme, indicated, most often, by excessive communication across various media, simultaneously (texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, postal mail, showing up at your place of work and/or school, phoning you, until you finally reply, and often relentlessly even if/when you do).

2. Also, Stage 5 Clinger. Same meaning as above; a person to whom one is not mutually attracted, at least not near so intensely or desperately. A person who makes inordinate assumptions of commitment and intimacy when in reality there is absolutely none, since both parties have not logically had enough time to commit or get close, nor shall they due to the clinginess.
1. "Bro, the date last night with Cheryl bombed majorly--total Stage Five Clinger. Woke up this morning to 563 texts and the emails are still comin' in...wants me to meet her parents and be her 'first'...."

2. "Ugh. Stage 5 Clinger. 'Nuff said!"
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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1. To lust for something so consummately that the quest, if successful, would result in obtaining a thing of such rare beauty, "it belongs in a museum", a la Indiana Jones often said in the classic films. To desire something painfully and immediately.

2. Acting like or imitating action/adventure hero, fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones. To be more adventurous and daring than usual.
1. "Ladies, I am Indiana Jonesin' for some poon tonight!"

2. "Man, Matt's off in his own world again, stuntin' and Indiana Jonesin' trying to impress Denise. Pfft. We all know he never gets his ass off that couch, otherwise!"
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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1. Anxiousness to the point of being in a state resembling something akin to a perpetual panic attack or breakdown. Living in constant fear, rational or otherwise, so-called after Anne Frank, who lived much of her young life in fear of oppression by the Nazis.

2. Discomfort at leaving a comfortable situation or physical setting abruptly with one's friends for another location with little or no justifiable reason. To move from the main room, event, or activity, to a less-desirable annex nearby.
1. "Fuck, I haven't studied for this mid-term all week, I'm mad down with Annexiety, bro."

2. "The club was jumpin' last night, until Stacey and her friends bummed me out with their Annexiety. Bitches made me leave the party for the coat room to 'talk'."
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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1. To withdraw from company and social interaction, sometimes out of anxiety or worry, though often in a domestic setting and context, to focus on one's own solitude, often accompanied by a creative or cathartic undertaking, analogous, with some variation, to Anne Frank hiding from Nazi oppression in the attic of a home in Amsterdam. An escape or retreat of sorts, often within one's own home, and typically to avoid one's roommate(s).

2. To partake of an activity by oneself; to "go solo", or "dolo".
1. "Yeah, I'm just Anne Frankin' it in the attic, girl. Thought I'd update my status so y'all would know. Can't go downstairs until my roomies leave...working on a sick new meme to go viral, though. Shit's gonna be huge!"

2. "Nah, you guys go ahead without me. I'm Anne Frankin' it tonight."
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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Such disheveled, voluminous, though short if not cropped, hair, especially blonde, that causes onlookers to assume at first glance the wearer is insane, or at least so independent and confident that their wild hair might, indeed, be intentional, and too daring for the onlooker to even attempt donning him or herself. Also, what one's hair tends to look like when one had little to no time to do it before leaving the house. Or, wild, short, blonde hair rocked by a sexual siren going in for the kill, when 'No.' is not an acceptable answer.
1. "Yeah, I've got the Sharon Stoned Hair today. Don't fuck with me."
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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1. A method by which one might intervene when a toilet is about to overflow, often due to an atypically large dump clogging the fixture. It involves pouring water into the bowl to balance out the displacement which a typical or automated flush without clogging would normally do. One must act fast in such a situation, resorting to the use of a nearby trash can or other receptacle in which to collect water from the tub or sink and then quickly dump into the impending explosion of the clogged toilet bowl.

2. A rare hand in poker where the player folds, citing and displaying greater interest in masturbating than in continuing to play.
1. "Holy eff, how big was your fucking turd, man? That's gonna flood this place! Quick, do a manual flush!"

2. "Jeremy's always dope to hang with, but when it comes to poker, he's more into the manual flush and coming, if you know what I mean..."
by PicklePuss November 15, 2013
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