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1. Anxiousness to the point of being in a state resembling something akin to a perpetual panic attack or breakdown. Living in constant fear, rational or otherwise, so-called after Anne Frank, who lived much of her young life in fear of oppression by the Nazis.

2. Discomfort at leaving a comfortable situation or physical setting abruptly with one's friends for another location with little or no justifiable reason. To move from the main room, event, or activity, to a less-desirable annex nearby.
1. "Fuck, I haven't studied for this mid-term all week, I'm mad down with Annexiety, bro."

2. "The club was jumpin' last night, until Stacey and her friends bummed me out with their Annexiety. Bitches made me leave the party for the coat room to 'talk'."
by PicklePuss November 14, 2013
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