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A person who acts like the Rona isn't a thing, and goes around throwing parties every 0.2 seconds with dozens or hundreds of people without social distancing and there is not a single mask in sight. Also they go around preaching on TikTok about how you should stay home and not go out partying, but they definitely don't practice what they preach. Make it make sense.
Influencer: "wEaR a MaSk AnD sOcIaL dIsTaNcE aNd StAy HoMe, tHaNkS fOr CoMiNg To My TeD tAlK, bYeeeeeeee"
Also influencer: *goes out partying and posts it on their story*

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Freaking Awesome
Me: Mom, I’m on TikTok!!!!
Mom: TikTak sounds totally tubular!!!!!

Me (to a Karen): Hey, by the way, you should be wearing a mask when you go out. Wearing a mask is totally tubular these days.
Karen: I don’t think so. I think speaking with the manager is totally tubular.

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What we should be telling Karens who refuse to wear a mask.
Karen: *not wearing a mask*
Genius: Mask it or casket!!!!!
by Pialinist September 03, 2020

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Something you should be wearing 24/7/366 if you're out in a public place.
Mask, hand sanitizer, sinking feeling of panic depression and despair. Hahahaha!!!!
by Pialinist June 12, 2020

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If you use this term this year, you’re dead wrong.
Friend: I can’t wait until we don’t have to be stuck in quarantine 24/7/365. I’m literally SO over this.

Me: Did you mean: 24/7/366
by Pialinist June 11, 2020

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The thing we are all at this point required to do 24/7/366 thanks to our wonderful friend Miss Rona.
I remember when I always said, “I can’t, I have orchestra rehearsal.” Now it’s more like, “I can’t, I have social distancing.”
by Pialinist June 10, 2020

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Paradise in quarantine.
Unfortunately I can't exactly surf the waves due to Miss Rona causing my trip to get canceled, so now I'm surfing the internet instead.
by Pialinist June 12, 2020

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