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An invention conceived by Dr. Emmett L. Brown on November 5, 1955 which makes time travel possible.
Doc: "This is what makes time travel possible! The flux capacitor!"

Marty: impressed Flux capacitor!
by Phuyuck '74 March 23, 2004

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Etymology: c. 1986 Surf culture
Combination of the words "radical" and "dude".

Used to describe something considered pleasing and/or revolutionary by the party concerned or pop culture in general.
"Have you seen the new Ferrari? Those air intakes are dudical!"
by Phuyuck '74 January 23, 2004

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From the James Bond film series: Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
Blofeld: "I am Supreme Commander of SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Yesterday morning, the American Air Force launched 2 cruise missiles from Swadley Air Base in Great Britain. Through the ingenuity of SPECTRE, the dummy warheads they carried were replaced with *live*, *nuclear* warheads. Your weapons of destruction are now safely in our possession and will be moved to two secret targets. Please note the serial numbers of the missiles; they will confirm the truth. Your weapons of deterrence did not deter us from our objective! A terrible catastrophe now confronts you. However, it can be avoided by paying a tribute to our organization, amounting to twenty-five percent of your respective countries' annual oil purchases. We have accomplished two of the functions that the name SPECTRE embodies: terror and extortion. If our demands are not met within seven days, we shall ruthlessly apply the third: revenge!"
by Phuyuck '74 December 20, 2004

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girl love handles
paris hilton wannabes + low rise jeans + ben and jerry's = overflowing GLH
by phuyuck '74 May 05, 2004

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1. Acronym for "Oh hell, my shit stinks!"

2. A gastro intestinal episode of biblical proportions

3. James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
1: "Where'd John go?"
2: "OHMSS."
1: "Oooh.. Guess he should've passed on the burrito..."
by Phuyuck '74 January 21, 2004

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1. An onomatopoeia used to indicate a correct answer or course of action.

2. An exclamation used to express unequivocal approval.

1. "Just a little further... That's it! Bing!"

2. "Mmm.. that currywurst in Wiesbaden - Bing!"
by Phuyuck '74 January 26, 2004

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The name of Kelsey Grammar's yacht.
"Blow it out your ass, Kelsey."
by Phuyuck '74 June 11, 2004

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