a word used to describe something that is clear and unambiguous; no misunderstandings can be interpreted when this word is used.
cher (clueless) : would you look at that body language? legs crossed towards each other. that is an unequivocal sex invite.
by aleeexxxx January 9, 2008
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A scientific formula designed to bring clarity to radio frequencies (per the radio frequency spectrum) by determining calculated degrees of readjustments, troubleshooting networks by ensuring the desired stations (hopset IDs) are in synch, and filtering out all discrepancies by reinforcing equilibrium to the respective signals between radio units.
LCpl Joe: "Hey I tried getting a radio check with you, but I hear static and the radio reads 'check synch input.' What's up with that?"
LCpl Dirt: "Well that's exactly it! Use the SUP method."
LCpl Joe: The what?
LCpl Dirt: "You know. SUP. Synchronous Unequivocal Postulate. It's another way to troubleshoot and establish your signal."
LCpl Joe: "Very well. Thanks man. I didn't learn that in comm school."
by jotahu April 30, 2016
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an idea or answer that cannot be debated on, unambiguous
The realms of mathematics in modern-day society pertain to unequivocal concepts taught in schools spanning the United States.
by tresdetaille September 3, 2023
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the word sienna mae uses to deny her SA allegations
Sienna Mae: "I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright."
by italianspinners January 27, 2022
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