a place where people walk slower than the rest of europe, talk funny dutch, and eat waffles. Best and prettiest trainstation in the world. Be sure to leave your high heels at home...deasly cobblestone roads
"i went to antwerp and almost dies in my high heels"
by harry baldin February 4, 2010
(1) town full of drug users and dealers
(2) place where every corner is full (at night)
(3) old town with nothing but a store and three bars
(1) Whoa, don't go Antwerp on me!
(2) Hey, is Vegas like Antwerp?
(3) Wow, this place is like Antwerp.
by MiniB July 23, 2008
When you fuck a woman during her period, and afterwards whipe your dick clean against her cheeks.
The Antwerp Warchief is a deriviant from the Antwerp vampire, were after the "deed" instead of whiping your dick clean the girl gives a blowjob instead.
by MistahTP March 2, 2022
A town full of whore, drug dealers and burnt down houses.
John: lets go to Antwerp,NY.
Mike: no i don't want sleep with a hooker while her drug dealing pimp watches us in a house thats liable to burn down.
John: okay well then lets go to Watertown instead.
by penis cover August 13, 2010
Dirty apartment blocks and gangbanging
Any pifftings with weed in south Antwerp
by Michel Van E January 5, 2018