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A mammoth-sized automobile used for no other purpose than to piss off the people they park next to. This angers the victim right up to the point where they have to get their kid out of the car to see if another car is coming past the other side of the ridiculously over-sized heap of metal.
I say we find the manufacturers of SUVs around the world and enslave them to resurrecting the Pinto. Nobody would dare to tailgate you in a Pinto.
by Phatal August 29, 2004

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A man who is totally incompetant in raising a child to be grown up fully potentialed, and fullhearted. Deadbeat dads find some sort of energy in commiting one or all of the 7 deadly sins. Mongrels such as these should fire in the pits of Hell and suck on rectum for aslong as they shall live when calling themselves, "The Honorable Parent".
My dad slams a woman ONCE unbridaled, is willing to pay the abortion fees to kill the non-existant child, lives in a seperate town for more then half her life not talking to her, comes to visit whenever the hell he feels like it, barely pays child support each month, kisses her on the head and calls himself, "The Greatest Father In The Universe".
by Phatal July 10, 2003

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The Anime of ALL Anime. Former #1 winner of Japan's most Graphical and Best-Loved Animation of the year 1999 'till this very day. The four disc DVD set is a bitch to pay for, but worth the violence. The suicide, sexy mamas, and drugs prove that Serial Experiments Lain is not for the un-tampered minds. No one can prove it otherwise.
Lain Iwakura is the TRUE God of the wired and there and diddly-shit you can do about it. All preps can run home to their fucking Comic Partys and Tokyo Mew Mews.
by Phatal August 03, 2003

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For the love of Christ, do you really need a definition for this?
The guy asked the Hooter's waitress for a kiss. He went home with another hole in his ass.
by Phatal August 03, 2003

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What our minds once were until fire became a fun thing.
I'm a PBS mind, in an MTV world.
by Phatal July 11, 2003

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Overly funny; something humorus said that takes you on a laugh-your-ass-off thrill ride. Or what only sounds clever, and your just laughing because you have no clue as to what is going on.
Amy: "...And like then, my girlfriend says, 'Like sure, but ice cream melts faster!' And it was all, like, TOTAALY FUNNAY!"
Gretchin: "Uh....Oh. LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Phatal October 10, 2003

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A handy phrase used to cover up a quick outburst of obsanities near children, playing nice with your son/daughter's school principal, a downgrading insultance breakdown for a Mary Sue, or just to impress your new boss at work.
"Excuse my french, but that new girl who is currently trying to fuck her way into getting an A into the new semester, is a half price bargain bin whore and should be shot down with a rabies gun." Said the Punk to the Goth.

The Goth narrowed her eyes, "Maybe the paper boy was right, we will conquer the world with darkness some day."
by Phatal October 02, 2003

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