15 definitions by Phatal

What our minds once were until fire became a fun thing.
I'm a PBS mind, in an MTV world.
by Phatal July 11, 2003
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The Anime of ALL Anime. Former #1 winner of Japan's most Graphical and Best-Loved Animation of the year 1999 'till this very day. The four disc DVD set is a bitch to pay for, but worth the violence. The suicide, sexy mamas, and drugs prove that Serial Experiments Lain is not for the un-tampered minds. No one can prove it otherwise.
Lain Iwakura is the TRUE God of the wired and there and diddly-shit you can do about it. All preps can run home to their fucking Comic Partys and Tokyo Mew Mews.
by Phatal August 03, 2003
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For the love of Christ, do you really need a definition for this?
The guy asked the Hooter's waitress for a kiss. He went home with another hole in his ass.
by Phatal August 03, 2003
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The 7th sense. A rare ability to detect one's own percentage of gayness. See also gh3yz0r.
The man with hot pink eyeliner wore an orange and purple spotted shirt and white capris that were alittle to tight at his sister's wedding. The gaydar in little Tina's mind did an Ollie.
by Phatal August 03, 2003
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The change from Communism into the Russia's sauce because some fucker from in the system thought it was...

A.) A smart idea, that only they would think of.
B.) Or a way to give a hobo on thier government steps a good laugh.
Guy: How 'bout we prove our supreme knowledge and try make Russia look like fuckfaces at the same time?!!
Secretary: Wouldn't that be hard? After all you're sloshed, dude!

President: THE NEW Commie sauce! In a local brand-market near you! Try it and you can almost TASTE how fucking dumb our congress is!!
by Phatal May 24, 2003
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Overly funny; something humorus said that takes you on a laugh-your-ass-off thrill ride. Or what only sounds clever, and your just laughing because you have no clue as to what is going on.
Amy: "...And like then, my girlfriend says, 'Like sure, but ice cream melts faster!' And it was all, like, TOTAALY FUNNAY!"
Gretchin: "Uh....Oh. LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Phatal October 10, 2003
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