51 definitions by Petesbeeps

Trumplove will defeat anything. including that one guy..chuck something...?
by Petesbeeps September 9, 2017
When you are dating a nut job and dark circles appear around the eyes.
Pete has raccoon eyes again, his girlfriend is taking him down for the count..
by Petesbeeps July 23, 2017
after camping and you are covered by mosquito bites all over your body
My friend at school asked me if I had acne problems, I said proclaiming out loud I had mosquito zitts .. and I wasn't picked upon no more.
by Petesbeeps July 9, 2017
Mister know it all... knows everything about anything, a real annoying type.
Here comes Mr. Kia again..what a know it all, and he wonders why nobody likes him.. poor fella..
by Petesbeeps August 11, 2017
The act of other home owners mowing there lawns because their neighbor, an instigator began mowing there's.
I was watching the football game on Sunday, a lawn mower started rattling my trailer windows..by half time I couldn't take it anymore. My synchronized mowers syndrome had kicked in. Half in the bag I pulled my lawnmower backwards as I'm not that ill yet. My lawn is only up to my knees.
by Petesbeeps July 9, 2017
A ring of keys that most custodial engineers wear as to intimidate others.
Melvin has the biggest key pistol in the county, he is head custodian at the college. Nobody will challenge his know how.. Quite frankly he's the go too guy !!
by Petesbeeps July 12, 2017
Trumpashliment. An accomplished interaction between the left and right that puts we the people first.
There has been an agreement amongst the political parties on both sides. An agreement that makes most Vets and Americans happy. It is a true accomplishment or Trumpashliment for us all.
by Petesbeeps June 10, 2017