engrish form of what the crap, found in a dub of the Kenshin movie
w00t I am having Teh 1337 itemzor...what a crap! It's gone....
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
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*Nicole throws a soda can at the back of Mary's head*

Nicole: hahahahaha!
Mary: What the crap?!
by marrrrrry May 04, 2005
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most amazing phrase ever.
use it when your confused, need to know something, or just plain bored.
"dude the world is cocking the fuck with my gun!"
me:what the crap does that mean?

by drone248 April 27, 2008
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an alternative for 'what the fuck'. is more accepted by public, as crap is less offensive than fuck, obviously. 'what the shit' can also be used, as can other variations. eg: 'what the crapper'
'what the shitface'

for internet use: replace 'wtf' with 'wtc'
if people don't know it - send them here.
guy: dude, that lady over there is pretending to be a bird...
girl: what the shitface?!
guy: i know aye, what the crapper is she doing.
by nikkivondee* October 26, 2009
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"...what.. Brian!!? WHat the crap!? Unless brian is short for.. brianrietta.. or brian-sue..."
by Anonymous the Poster July 10, 2003
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