19 definitions by Peter W.N.

Television static. Used as a euphemism for the black-and-white specks that flash across the screen, giving the impression of falling snow.
I hooked up my cable, but nothing came through. All I could watch last night was the snow channel.
by Peter W.N. May 7, 2008
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A really unfortunate-sounding way of adding flair to the word "not".
Lily: "Hey, are you going to Jacob's bar mitzvah?"
Jessica: "Ew, I don't like Jacob. I think notsies."
Lily: "...I beg your pardon?!"
by Peter W.N. August 25, 2009
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Describes the state of something that is terrible beyond human definition.
The awfulicity of my essay made the teacher stab herself in the eye.
by Peter W.N. December 2, 2007
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1) A "feminine" product (such as tampons or pads).

2) Any regular product specifically catered or marketed towards women.
1) My girlfriend suddenly had her period and needed me to get her some vagina products.

2) Even though I'm a guy and Luna bars are a total vagina product, I can't help myself from eating them.
by Peter W.N. May 26, 2009
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A group of teenagers who often gather in the same place to smoke together.
Those goddamn chimney kids are out behind the Taco Bell again. Shouldn't they be at school?!
by Peter W.N. June 22, 2009
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When combined with a rock, something you get stuck between.

One of two very difficult situations.
If I stay up all night to study, I'll be too tired to take the test, but if I go to bed early I won't know enough to pass. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
by Peter W.N. September 22, 2008
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That's awesome, amazing, or downright sweet. Also used to say you agree with the statement or plan.

The sincere opposite of that's totally gonna happen.
Kid 1: "We just got some crazy imported Chinese fireworks, wanna blow them up with us?"
Kid 2: "What?! YES! That's happening for real!!"

Guy: "Damn, check out that girl's ass! That's happening for real!"
by Peter W.N. June 28, 2009
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