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That's awesome, amazing, or downright sweet. Also used to say you agree with the statement or plan.

The sincere opposite of that's totally gonna happen.
Kid 1: "We just got some crazy imported Chinese fireworks, wanna blow them up with us?"
Kid 2: "What?! YES! That's happening for real!!"

Guy: "Damn, check out that girl's ass! That's happening for real!"
by Peter W.N. June 27, 2009
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A sarcastic statement used to mock someone's bad idea, pretty much saying it's not gonna work out like that.
Kid 1: "Oh man, my friend and I are gonna go get loaded it in the park!"

Kid 2: "Oh, well, I mean, the police station is right next door... But yeah, no, that's totally gonna happen."
by Peter W.N. June 27, 2009
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Television static. Used as a euphemism for the black-and-white specks that flash across the screen, giving the impression of falling snow.
I hooked up my cable, but nothing came through. All I could watch last night was the snow channel.
by Peter W.N. May 7, 2008
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A person who is so thoroughly stressed out that they have just let themselves go.

Often looks crazy, tired, frumpy, and on edge for seemingly no reason. May also be prone to fits of crying and curling up in a ball.
Don't try talking to Jessica. She's been studying for finals all week and is a total stress mess.
by Peter W.N. October 13, 2010
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A part of something that brings down the overall enjoyment level of the whole.
- Making sure that my grammar is correct is gonna be a huge suck factor on this paper.

- I had a good time at the party last night, but the crowd was a huge suck factor.
by Peter W.N. December 2, 2007
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1. A "nightmare" of a marriage - a marriage that only creates a living hell for one or both members.

2. A hastily planned marriage; one that practically happened overnight. Usually leads to definition 1 anyway.
1. Liz's husband turned into such a douche after they got married... now she's totally stuck in a nightmarriage.

2. Bill and Wendy got married before they even knew eachother. It's a total nightmarriage. I don't think it'll last.
by Peter W.N. August 8, 2009
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A penis covered in herpes sores.
Girls run away from that guy whenever they see his pickled pepper.
by Peter W.N. October 19, 2009
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