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Main character in the bestselling novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd and the film adaption as well.
Some may argue my "theory", but think of it: A main character grows and changes over the course of the work. I mean really, does V really mentally change? As Evey changes from a naive young girl to an all-out terrorist, just like V.
I just entered this cuz it wasn't here.
by Persephone~ September 13, 2009
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The second lowest female voice.
Some women are ashamed of being an alto. There's nothing wrong with it. You can just go a little lower than the rest of the chorus.
There's also rumor going about that sopranos are overly happy bubbleheads. That's true for some, but most of them are kind, down-to-earth individuals who can go just a bit higher than the rest of the chorus. You might think I'm supporting sopranos because I am one, but I'm a fair judge, because I'm both. Not mezzo, both. There's a big difference. I have all the soprano notes, and all the alto notes, and a few bass notes ;)
So, to sum it up: Being an alto is something to be proud of.
Alto: *blasts out G1*
Soprano: Wow, I can't believe you can hit that so easily and confidently. I wish I was an alto.
by Persephone~ June 7, 2009
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Something Homer Simpson says when he's done something wrong.
Flanders: Okely-diddly-dokely
Simpson: D'oh!
by Persephone~ December 26, 2008
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Most of you have it wrong.
Republicans and Democrats first apeeared (or at least as I know of) during the American Civil War, when Democrats were anti-Abolitionists (wanted slavery) and Republicans were Abolitionists (didn't want slavery). Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Since those times, Democratic and Republican qualities almost switched.
Reference: The June 1832 Riots.

Now for some of the more modern content you probably came here for:

~It's not that we're against freedom of religion, it's just that Christianity is the most common religion of the Republicans.

~The reason we want healthcare cuts is that, prepare yourself, THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS MONEY! I admit, not the best place in the world to cut money from, but there you have it.

~We are against abortion because it's cruel and inhumane. Now, if we're in the case of a pregnant rape victim, there's always adoption! We don't need to kill the baby! If we're in the case of a tubal pregnancy, then it would be reasonable, since it would kill both the mother and child if carried to term.

~We think that countries should be able to take care of themselves without the use of foreign aid. But we know that isn't possible at this point in time.
I hope this definition has helped you learn that Republicans aren't your enemy.
by Persephone~ May 12, 2009
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A phrase used when someone is annoyed and is in a situation where swearing is not allowed.
(in a daycare center)
*little kid drops rock on foot*
You: Ohh...Persephone's Uncle...that hurt!
by Persephone~ December 26, 2008
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Erik Destler and Madame Giry,
Superman and Wonder Woman,
Brian and Stewie,
Homer and Bart,
Evey and V,

...Examples of classic PIC's
by Persephone~ August 25, 2009
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