freedom of religion:
MEans one has the power to choose to be whatever religion they wish to be, wether it be Christian, Jew, or drudic Vampirism. Even no religion is included. Freedom of religion also means freedom from presecution, including slander, physical and emotional attack, and discrimination.
Exersicer of freedom of religion: I am a catholic and proud of it, and nocbody in the world can tell me otherwise!
Thumper of freedom of religion: Your honor, my client has the right to sue the jail for not providing him with his religious daily goblet of blood! Drudic Vampires need blood!
Abuser of FOR: I'm an angry, untypical but loud aethiest and any happy christian I see posting on this stie I will tear down with an axe.
Accepter of FOR: I am an aethiest who is perfectly happy with my lifestyle and will not attack others for believing in moral values.
Beater of FOR:I'm a Jeberzian Fitness, so I'm required to bring a gun to school lest I want Satan to capture my soul. If the principal has anyhting to say otherwise with this then I'll sue his white *** for discrimination.
by Trex August 9, 2004
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A guarantee that each individual has the right to partake the religion of the majority.
by Snowcat August 25, 2003
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An American freethought organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Its purposes, as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the separation of church and state and to educate the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism and nontheism.
Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out to the ignorant politician the Treaty of Tripoli as proof of the separation of church and state.
by akrking April 20, 2010
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Freedom of religion is an arsenal of your own personal religious traits that can be used at any time by you and sometimes combos are available.
Did David just beat down Jon with. All his religions by himself? Using your freedom of religion is cool but don't abuse it.
by bushlight January 16, 2018
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