The lower feminine voicing in choral music. Just below Mezzo-Soprano. It can be divided into two classifications: Alto and Contralto; Contralto being the lower of the two.
The alto section sang a beautiful harmony that complimented the soprano melody.
by E.J. March 29, 2004
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The lower voice part of the female.

Also known as a soprano who can sightread.

How to tell if your an alto:

1)You can sightread.

2)You realize that everyone not in your section is a bimbo, a pompous a**, or that you always have to explain things twice for them.

3)You notice that your part in a piece of music is more elaborate and challenging than the others and you never complain about it, but instead look forward to singing it.
by aveverum September 10, 2008
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Alto: more range than a soprano, as well as the leader of the choir usually, more outgoing, and more all-around fun. has a loud outgoing personality, voice, and smile.
wow, i wonder what part that girl sings, she is so nice, perfect, and has some nice pearly whites, she also doesn't have a lot of nasty vabrato, and can sing on key and in tune. i bet she is an alto.
by pandajoi April 12, 2005
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The second lowest female voice.
Some women are ashamed of being an alto. There's nothing wrong with it. You can just go a little lower than the rest of the chorus.
There's also rumor going about that sopranos are overly happy bubbleheads. That's true for some, but most of them are kind, down-to-earth individuals who can go just a bit higher than the rest of the chorus. You might think I'm supporting sopranos because I am one, but I'm a fair judge, because I'm both. Not mezzo, both. There's a big difference. I have all the soprano notes, and all the alto notes, and a few bass notes ;)
So, to sum it up: Being an alto is something to be proud of.
Alto: *blasts out G1*
Soprano: Wow, I can't believe you can hit that so easily and confidently. I wish I was an alto.
by Persephone~ June 7, 2009
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The best voice part ever. Altos sing lower than other girls and higher than most middle voices. Altos can sing man notes better than some men too.
Altos you get to sing the manly notes.
by AltoPower March 28, 2013
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An emo who doesn't cut hisself
She: you are so emo
He: no, i'm an alto
by Veydizzle April 26, 2011
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