The forced transfer of wealth from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries (after the U.N. scallywags scim off the cream)
Foreign Aid, such as the U.N. Oil for Food Scandal, the largest $ scandal in world history, which rather than feeding the world's starving, lined the pockets of various U.N. pukes, starting with KoffeeKup Anan. It then trickled down to various Socialist mucky-mucks, such as Jacques Chirac ...
by Area Fifty One July 4, 2006
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When you fuck someone in another country and get HIV.
My poor friend Bryan went to Nigeria and got some foreign aid!
by DVJ March 6, 2016
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Foreign aid is domestic theft. Foreign aid is stealing money from poor people in rich countries and giving to rich people in poor countries. It’s not even aid—it’s corruption, a bribe to get them to accept US mandates. Foreign aid never helps poor people; it just buys cocaine, SUVs, and whores for the gangster-warlord ruling class of that country. Foreign aid is exactly the sort of internationalist evil that the US was supposed to be founded in opposition to; it’s socialized evil for foreigners...
1. If you support the government stealing 1/3 of our pay at IRS gunpoint every year and giving to evil foreigners: murdering-raping-torturing Islamic gangsters like Nouri Al Maliki and Hamid Karzai, oppressive/murderous Israel, chick/baby slaying African warlords--you’re a goddamn traitor and you oughta be killed with a pipe.

2. You support foreign aid? Get the fuck out of my car right now. I’m serious.
by inessential-taxation-is-theft September 14, 2011
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Foreign Aid is a program involving a country giving money to another country for the purpose of, as it implies, aiding its development and other purposes.

Foreign Aid has its importance, but in the case of the United States of America, Foreign Aid is royally fucking us. For example, what do you think would happen if you sent Foreign Aid to an Arab country? The terrorist cells in that country would smuggle it and steal it, and thus use the aid to upgrade their nefarious deeds.

If you're going to use Foreign Aid, be absolutely careful. Be careful who you trust. Also, we should consider ceasing Foreign Aid to every country because they hate us.....we should wait until they come to us on their knees begging for our help and then we be like, "oh NOW you want our help after all this hate you've been giving us". lol
"Foreign Aid is necessary in this day and age, but it's fucking us because the world hates us."
by Dave September 28, 2004
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Foreign aid projects don't help poor Africans, especially aid in the form of US taxpayer money.
by Sexydimma June 8, 2021
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