Short for the Communist Party of China.
A reddit user got banned from multiple subreddits and got a site-wide suspension for criticizing the CCP. Now THAT's propaganda.
by ThingsIdRatherNotSay August 20, 2019
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The CCP is a term used to describe the Chinese Communist Party (中共)
The CCP is a generally cruel and oppressive regime in modern day China, taking hold in 1921.
Person: Hey, who is in charge of China?
Person 2: The CCP.
Person: Okay.
by Personhumanman February 17, 2022
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Certified Cock Pleaser.
A girl who gives head. All the time.
(Haylee Bickerstaff)
Wow that suck mad dick, shes a CCP.
by chabella May 6, 2008
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The company that currently runs the online roleplaying game "EVE Online", the largest online game given that all the players play on the 1 single server "Tranquility" and is open 23/7 and 1 hour of the day dedicated to daily maintanance. Known for being incredibly late for anything and everything and the technical support being close to non-existent. With every new "patch" they release, they somehow manage to piss off 99% of all the players who play it (the other 1% being noobs who don't know shit)
Todays downtime is extended, due to a server hotfix.
Guy 1: I guess it's gonna be a while before we can play.
Guy 2: LOL. We aren't gonna be able to play at all tonight.
Guy 1: Why?
Guy 2: Errr, remember how long the game was down when CCP said it'd only be down for an extra half an hour?
Guy 1: Oh yeah. It didn't start up till the next day
by Terminator101_800 March 18, 2008
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a russian vodka company and its named brand liquor beverage so named because of close ties with other communist countries, not to be named in polite society.
In Mother Russia, CCP drinks you
by Noah W. July 2, 2007
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A Large gaping hole in the universe. A monsterous beast that devours everything that enters it. A monster with tentacles, that oozes blood, puss, and semen. A sluts vagina.

by fkp May 26, 2009
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Call the Cell Peace. Used as an AOL Instant Messenger abbreviation.
by CurryBoy December 11, 2004
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