5 definitions by Paulytaz

A Female so fine that when she blows past you you have to Catcall, Whistle, & Shout; the Quintessential Tits & Ass with the Wiggle & the Jiggle.
Boy, Let me tell Ya : When that Jet-Screaming Hooty Queen struted by me, I did an about-face and chased after her like a saucy, viril, rutting Buck.
by Paulytaz August 25, 2017
the usual pace of walking when most people are in a hurry: it is faster than a quickstep, slower than a double-time; it is almost as if you are walking to the rhythm of dance music.
the street-beat of people was so predictable that you could set your wrist-watch to it.
by Paulytaz March 9, 2019
a sexually active man who only does women whom have tattoos on the lumbar area of their back and insists on doing it doggystyle only because he knows how ugly they are and doesn't wanna see their face.
did you see how ugly that woman Scott was with? Yeah...He's a tramp-stamp fiend.
by Paulytaz December 21, 2018
An improvised make-shift weapon consisting of a salvaged power-cord with the plug end used to injure an opponent and twirled around the head in a menacing manner.
Jerry used his ghetto-whip to fend off an unruly band of niggers.
by Paulytaz December 11, 2018
A person who is up 24/7: day in and day out, night after night, without any breaks for sleep(in other words, he/she is a chronic insomniac). The name CYCLE-TRIPPER refers to one full rotation of the Earth.
Paul is a cycle-tripper because I happen to know he works 3 full-time jobs; when is he ever going to have time for himself?
by Paulytaz December 12, 2018