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Group sex in the back of a moving pick-up tuck
I saw this Datsun on I-5 headed toward Escondido and there were 5 girls and 9 dudes having a Mexican orgy in the back of the pick up truck.
by PaulyM December 18, 2007
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A collection of food wrappers, empty cups and other garbage piled up on the passenger floor of a vehicle. This collection gets donated to either the New Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway via the passenger side window. It is also acceptable to unload into the bed of a pickup truck with NJ plates.
Dude 1: Shotgun! Fuck whats all this shit?
Dude 2: haha thats my jersey fund.
Dude 3: niggaz be sleepin' on the jersey fund yo!
Dude 2: we don't throw it out untill the car enters New Jersey
Dude 3: yeah nigga!
dude 1: word, take the EZ pass lane so we can blow the toll.
by PaulyM December 1, 2007
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yo lemme get some gidge bro, I needa hit dat colt 45 son.
by PaulyM November 30, 2007
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Bottles thrown from moving vehicles that gets stuck in trees.
dude 1: aren't you gonna recycle that bottle?
dude 2: nah nigga me go make some Bridgeport Windchimes wit dat jammy yo.
by PaulyM December 15, 2007
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a female who isn't very attractive yet still fuckable.
Paul: yo was that girl hot?
Keith: hmm, she was BTM. I'd shred it!
by PaulyM December 1, 2007
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A term used in the mid-west referring to regular budweiser in an attempt to avoid getting bud light by mistake.
yo pick me up a 30 of bud heavy when you go to the store.
by PaulyM November 30, 2007
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to smoke a cigarette.
short for kicking back and smoking a buttski
obviously buttski came from brewski since cigarettes and beer go hand in hand. or 1 in each hand at the same time that is!
while sitting in a nonsmoking bar: "yo you wanna go kick a ski?"
by PaulyM November 30, 2007
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