Big Tall Man. Big is in well endowed, tall as in 5'11" and up.
The little short blond chick prefers a Big Tall Man (BTM) to do her hard every night.
by RacerDude007 July 13, 2010
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a female who isn't very attractive yet still fuckable.
Paul: yo was that girl hot?
Keith: hmm, she was BTM. I'd shred it!
by PaulyM November 30, 2007
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Big Tit Mall Sluts. These are big tit sluts at the mall (of age) ok well not all the time. These sluts are ready to go anywhere in the bathroom changing room or in the middle the store. Slllllluts.
Nick: Hey Kenny, look at those BTMS's over there.
Kenny: What are BTMS's?
Nick: They are girls with nice tits that you want to fuck but you are afraid because they might have the clap.
Kenny:oooooo did you hear that rex fucks animals.
by Rex the donkey ass fucker December 22, 2009
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Example 1.) Marty's mom is a BTM.
Example 2.) BTM's for life!
Example 3.) Kyle is a BTM hunter.
by btmhunter4life February 25, 2010
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BTM is a shorter version during text messaging that you will "BTM" which means "be there momentarily".
I'm running late, but I will BTM.
(Be there momentarily)
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal September 22, 2016
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