Tidal Wave is an unrated 2.1 solo Extreme Demon created by OniLink and verified by Zoink on 9 September 2023 after 49,534 attempts.1 It is notable for its three-minute length, wave-based gameplay style similar to that of a Nine Circles level, its uniquely bright summer/beach theme and 200 frame-perfect timings,2 more than double of any preceding Demon level. Tidal Wave received a generally positive reception from the community, with praise for its unique theme and length but criticism for its high object count. OniLink had optimised the decoration from around 303,000 objects to 255,366 objects. Tidal Wave is set to place at #1 on the Demonlist, surpassing Acheron
by colix September 27, 2023
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When your eating out a pregnant woman and her water breaks.
I nearly drowned last night because she gave me a tidal wave.
by ironicstatement August 11, 2009
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A feeling of intense hunger that rushes over you like all of Ethiopia condensed into a massive tidal wave.
Dude, I just got tidal waved, want to go to Wendy's?
by Debaser II November 25, 2005
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when a woman's thong is visible over the back of her pants
dude i just saw a huge tidal wave at the mall, i got a pic of it.
by Kaezic Adam March 16, 2008
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When a chick is riding a fat guy's cock and his belly starts to jiggle like a wave, the girl leans forward and proceeds to ride the "wave" his belly makes.
Aubrie told us last night she was riding Andy's cock when she started to do the tidal wave on his fat gut.
by Jeff Briggs April 15, 2009
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when one has sex with a whale be it a human or sea dweller
i was blasting tidal waves all night!!!

dougie and his boyfriend were making tidal waves so big, that he almost drowned the entire eastern united states.
by Nick varas December 22, 2004
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To tidal wave someone is to take their garbage can and dump all the trash in it on their yard and then proceed to fill the garbage can up with water, then lean it up against their front door, ring the doorbell, and hide nearby to watch the tidal wave crash into the house when they answer the door.
"Lets go tidal waving again. We owned those people yesterday, their carpet is ruined.. and its going to smell awful mixed with the trash shrapnel."
by Billary Clinton March 19, 2009
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