458 definition by Paul

disgusting, morbid, rancid.
The level of intoxication or the level of your harsh comedown. A feeling of utter despair.
T-glo how he felt before he slept at the manch for 18 hours solid.
Frank after a hard 3 day comedown with pinky and his shades on at 12:00 pm in the day at the manch of course.
by paul January 11, 2005

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The feeling in the pit of the belly that something somewhere has gone badly wrong
I woke up this morning with an ELY
by Paul January 14, 2004

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A Worker who works, over 300 days a year and who brings excitment to the world.
The Hurricane
by Paul May 13, 2004

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outdated term, similar to nigger
i dont like all then blammos comin over here, takin our jobs!!
by paul May 13, 2004

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A phrase made popular in recent years by the brilliant comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, star of the HBO special, Da Ali G Show. The show was originally introduced in the UK, then moved to the US, after becoming popular to the point of being hard to fool anyone anymore. The main difference between the UK version and the US version is that in the UK, it had an audience that you could hear laugh, like most tv sitcoms, whereas the US version has no audience reactions. There was also a movie made called Ali G Indahouse before the move to the US. The movie is actually really lame compared to the reality-based series. Cheap humour and... more cheap humour.
If you listen to the song Keep Their Headz Ringin' by Dr.Dre, you will hear a background singer repeating "B-B-B-B-Boyakasha!", which is probably where Ali G got it from.
by Paul October 19, 2005

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Here is the real definition of a wookie. It's when a chick is sucking you up, you bust in her mouth then say bitch do the wookie, and she gargles your cum and makes the sound of chewbacca.
Damn, that bitch can wookie like no other
by Paul April 05, 2005

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The armpit of CNY. These people who live here are retarted! Don't beleave me!? Go on down to the Sears there and try to understand them. And they say that they kick CNS's ass every year, bull. I know for a fact that us at CNS are smarter then those slums at liverpool, how might you ask?! Bacause we have to obtain 22 credits to graduate from CNS, how many does it take to graduate from liverpool?! I won't say, I don't want them to feel to retarted.
CNS: "Drain The Pool!"
by Paul April 02, 2005

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