After using the restroom to relieve oneself this is a process of using an excessive amount of toilet paper and wrapping it around ones hand repeatedly so the end result resembles an oven mitt, usually performed by overweight persons having large rearends and requiring extra tissue paper than average sized individuals.
John clogged the toilet again because he uses the Oven Mitt method to wipe.
by jpg3 May 14, 2010
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1. A large mitten used to protect one's hand when reaching into a hot oven. Conveniently, can be worn on either the left or right hand.

2. A dull former governor from Massachusetts with very little conviction. Conveniently, at some point in his career he will embrace both sides of an issue ... the left and the right.
1. Mary used an oven mitt to remove the cookies from the oven.

2. Oven Mitt Romney changes his views as often as a baby needs to change diapers ... and they are both full of shit.
by Rolostats October 28, 2011
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An advanced sex technique in which one partner wears an oven mitt and puts four in the stink (rectum) and one in the pink (vagina).
After Jennifer received an Oven Mitt from Tommy she said "Send my regards to the chef!"
by Soul Drayden October 31, 2018
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n. The oven mitt is an act which is performed in conjunction with anal sex. The male may perform said act on himself, or another participant may be involved. While the male is fucking a female in the ass, either the male, or other participant reaches in the females pussy, grabs the dick, and gives the male a hand job.
Those bitches are freaks. I was fuckin sally in the ass and her sister reached in and gave me an oven mitt.
by wtf78 April 27, 2010
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That girl was such a whore that Marc was able to oven mitt her last night.
by assaulter April 20, 2009
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v. - The act of inserting a man's penis and testicles (the entire package) into another's anus.
Bob knew Judy was loose, but he never would have guessed that he could Oven Mitt her.
by Lee Fuzz December 14, 2003
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Nickname of Kelly Gray, former Myth/Queensryche guitar player, producer, and current guitar player for Geoff Tate. The term was coined initially to describe the absolutely wretched, bumbling style of Kelly's guitar playing and has since become a moniker. Also referred to simply as "Mitts" for short.
"Kelly Gray plays guitar like he's wearing a pair of oven mitts."
by Spuds McVest June 22, 2013
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