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1. A last name that usually means they like to fish, hunt, or do anything outdoorsy. People get bullied for this type of name, but just because the bully is jealous of their wit and skill. If the bully punches them or hurts them in any way, that will end with a broken nose or a kick to the soft spot(for a boy). Marry a Swart, and you will never get divorced.
Girl 1: hey, that's the new girl, I heard her last name is Swart.
Girl 2: Let's go beat her up
Swart:(Get's punched)(splatters girl 1's nose)
Ex #2
Guy: Yo! New kid! Over here!
Swart: Yes?
Guy: Isn't your last name Wart?
Swart: (Grits teeth)
Swart:( Kicks balls)
by leadgirl January 13, 2018
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Adj - smart, successful, questionable sanity - but reasonable, good looking, prideful - but not arrogant. And oh ya, badass.
Billy the Kid
Harrison Ford
Bruce Willis
Megan Fox
Et cetera

"That girl is confident AND sexy, she's so Swarts.
by I'm in love with a Swarts. October 16, 2009
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woman with a large flabby ass; fat chick. Derived from observation of a woman fitting above description. The word "Sweetheart" was written across the ass of her pants. Only "Swart" was visible; the rest of the word was sucked up inside her ass crack.
Did you see that swart get into her car? It tilted a foot to the left!
by Paul June 16, 2006
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The devastating combination of passing gas whilst one is excessively sweaty. A prime example of a person displaying this behavior would be the ever klassy Brandon Davis, as I'm sure in all his alcohol induced obnoxiousness and sweatiness he passes some mean farts.
While I was on the treadmill today, my bean burrito kicked in something vicious and I swarted so loud the entire gym heard it!
by Chachigirl June 29, 2006
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