15 definitions by Pam

Don't act like you don't understand.

Don't think for a minute that I'm going to believe you don't know the truth about the situation.
Girl, don't even trip. That man is not going to call you.

No, you can't use my credit card. Don't even trip.
by Pam December 1, 2003
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a facial malady (i.e. pimple) arising on either the upper or bottom lip that still retains the puss filled, bloody, red buldging essence of a skin embedded pimple
Ben will not kiss Jill because she has a horrific limple.
by Pam December 14, 2003
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the terrible coffee offered in hotel rooms, especially once prepared. this coffee tastes especially watered down and resembles ass more so than coffee.
wow, the coffee from this marriot that were staying in for our class trip to boston that tastes like asswater.
by Pam January 2, 2004
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A combination of So and Totally
"I just saw that weird chick and the guy I like and they were being all cutesy together, I am sotally going to throw up."
by Pam December 20, 2004
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A person with African & Caucasian parents, usually referred to as "mixed"
My friend Tony is Africasian and has some identity issues.
by Pam October 23, 2003
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the boy was a Mcjigger after someone cut it and threw it on tha lawn
by Pam April 1, 2003
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