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(v)Friends with Benifits and no obligations to eachother.
(n)Boy who will bend over backwards to do anything for a girl, knowing full well that the girl is using him.
Jon is Ashleys boy toy, he performs sexual favors for her and he doesnt expect anything in return.
by Pam January 23, 2004

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A guy who lives and breathes sports, loves "getting some" from the ladies, but cannot be commited to a relationship because sports are too important to them. They are usually ass holes who take things for granted. Things not dealing with sports can only hold their attention for 2 minutesie. sex
Jake has played baseball all his life and wants to go to the majors, anything not having to deal with Baseball is rubbish.
by Pam January 23, 2004

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a stylish, rad and spunky car.
wow, that car doesn't look as good as a rav4.
by pam February 10, 2004

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A blog that uses digital videos as entries instead of text.
I added that video of my cat eating onto my vlog today.
by Pam August 30, 2004

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to be caught up in and cant get loose
She had me all hemmed up in that stank house with aunt roberta.
by pam September 28, 2003

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A person with African & Caucasian parents, usually referred to as "mixed"
My friend Tony is Africasian and has some identity issues.
by Pam October 23, 2003

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a facial malady (i.e. pimple) arising on either the upper or bottom lip that still retains the puss filled, bloody, red buldging essence of a skin embedded pimple
Ben will not kiss Jill because she has a horrific limple.
by Pam December 14, 2003

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