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a facial malady (i.e. pimple) arising on either the upper or bottom lip that still retains the puss filled, bloody, red buldging essence of a skin embedded pimple
Ben will not kiss Jill because she has a horrific limple.
by Pam December 14, 2003
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A rather large and highly unpleasant pimple that takes up residence on the lip and or lip area. Characterized by the bulbousness and blatantness of the throbbing whitehead.
Girl 1: Is my makeup okay?
Girl 2: Your eyes look fine, but no amount of foundation can cover that category three limple on your face.
by Emo Panda-kun November 21, 2009
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leg pimples; when people have acne on their legs and thigh area
A: Hey, did you just see his legs?!
B: Ew, yeah! There were limples all over his thighs!
by hit_me_witta_text June 15, 2010
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